Spill Kit Oil 95 Gallon Bin



Spill Kit Oil 95 Gallon Bin

Spill Kit Oil 95 Gallon Bin

Product Description

Category: Spill Kit

Spill Kit Oil 95 Gallon Bin

(HDPE Bin with Wheels).

Origin: Spill kit, USA


  • Oil Absorbent Sheets, 38cm x 48cm – 175 sheets
  • Oil Absorbent Socks, 7.6 cm x 122 cm – 15 Socks
  • Oil Absorbent Pillows, 21 cm x 46 cm – 10 Pillows
  • Universal Granules 13.2 kg bag
  • Heavy Duty Disposable Bag – 5 No’s
  • Goggles – 1 Pc
  • Gloves – 1 Pairs
  • Scoop and Brush – 1 set
  • Oil spill kit label- 1 pcs
  • Rubber gum boots, Non-sparking shovel
  • Instruction Sheet

Spill kits & control helps you respond to spills quickly and effectively. Available in fix mount or portable to allow to position in strategic areas of your facility. Controls odors caused by spills to ensure that your workplace can quickly get back to normal after accidental spills.
Oil Spill Kits Repel Water and Will Absorb Oil Only. These Oil Spill Kits Are Offered In Bagged Spill Kits, Wall Mount, Carts, Kit Spill Trucks, Over pack Spill Kits And Many Other Spill Response Kit Configurations.

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